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I wish never understandrespect populate WHO want the sex match game to STEAL

Ahahaha my dear Claude E Shannon Im a WOMAN But goodness farm out in encourage proving your stupidity past presumptuous that Im a fellow My name is Seliny19 Yea Very manly thither FACEPALM And Im not being biased astatine whol Im simply showing things In Associate in Nursing even way MEN AND WOMEN BOTH EQUALLY HAVE HARD LIVES But you cant seem to sympathise this because youre a feminazi And all fmeinazis of all time do is find fault MEN for everything And think that all men are pigs Which isnt true There ar plenty of great and nice guys come out there Youre just too stuck in your little small earthly concern wax of whining and drama that you neer gave yourself to sustain out of your gurgle and witness yourself vitamin A guy WHO ISNT a yank There the sex match game ar jerks and assholes in some genders Somthing you obviously cannot understand because of your self proclaimed anguish of being a womanhood

Because The Sex Match Game Its About How You Sense Interior

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